Public Poetry

Robert Montgomery, installation at Bexhill-on-Sea, lit by recycled sunlight When Oxford University Press decided, in 1998, to sell off its poetry backlist, begun in the 1960s, and to close its doors to new collections of contemporary poetry, a vigil outside the press’s offices was called by the Poetry Society and the MSF trade union branch.… Continue reading Public Poetry


Behind Closed Doors: The Writer’s Room Series #1, Samuel Beckett

In 1953 Samuel Beckett had a small house built on the outskirts of the village Ussy-sur-Marne, some 30 miles from Paris. The house was deliberately simple, practical, austere: a sloping roof over two rooms which opened into each other, adjoined by a kitchen and a bathroom. In one of the rooms were two single beds;… Continue reading Behind Closed Doors: The Writer’s Room Series #1, Samuel Beckett

Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems

Some books are inspirations. Some books I wish I could make myself. Some of the most wonderful books are both of these things. The Gorgeous Nothings was an exquisite book: weighty but minimalist, a sense of whiteness running through it in keeping with the ephemeral nature of Dickinson's writing on envelopes: scratchy, quick, unsent. I sometimes wonder… Continue reading Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems